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2014 Pittsburgh Biennial Schedule

Carnegie Museum of Art
Curated by Amanda Donnan
July 19–September 29, 2014 

Pittsburgh Glass Center
Curated by Heather McElwee
August 1–October 26, 2014

Pittsburgh Filmmakers
Curated by Adam Welch
August 15–October 17, 2014

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
Curated by Adam Welch
August 15–November 2, 2014

Mattress Factory
Curated by Barbara Luderowski and Michael Olijnyk
September 12–May 24, 2015 

Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University
Curated by Casey Droege
September 19–November 30, 2014

Curated by Murray Horne
September 26–November 10, 2014

The Andy Warhol Museum
Curated by Nicholas Chambers and Jessica Beck
September 27–January 4, 2015