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Ashley McFarland

Pittsburgh Glass Center


I am constantly intrigued by the relationships between people and their surroundings, and even more fascinating, the subtle daily interactions between people and others. This current body of work examines interactions on a very simple level through the arrangement of geometric objects: how one object can affect the viewing and feel of another through proximity, color, composition and placement.


Ashley McFarland graduated from Bowling Green State University with her MA in experimental psychology and an eclectic knowledge of glassworking techniques. All through her undergraduate career she studied glassworking and exhibited a senior show in August of 2007. Science and art have always acted as strong, duel forces in her life and provide inspiration that can be seen in many of her past and current projects. Ashley has worked in glass studios in California, Ohio, and started at the Pittsburgh Glass Center as a part of their technician apprenticeship program.  She currently works full-time at Pittsburgh Glass Center as their Education and Outreach Coordinator and teaches classes in glass coldworking, casting, and flameworking.