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Bob Beckman

Pittsburgh Glass Center


I am interested in how we create and communicate meaning. How we determine significance; how we determine value. I am interested in authorship: where do ideas come from, are they specific to an individual, are they cultural? I am interested in the systems and structures that we use to create and exchange information and I am interested in the language that we use to discuss meaning and authorship. Printmaking, photography and digital media provide dynamic ways to capture, assess, articulate and disseminate meaning. Presentation formats that provide broad access to volumes of


Robert Beckman is an artist and educator living and working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mr. Beckman is the Co-Founder and Executive/Artistic Director of Artists Image Resource. He received his MFA from Kent State University in 1985 and co-founded Artists Image Resource in 1996. Beckman has taught at Carnegie Mellon University and Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Beckman is a working artist and printmaker who has been exhibiting work for over 30 years.