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Corey Escoto

Carnegie Museum of Art


As a multidisciplinary artist, I work with a variety of processes and material but have a special interest in the intersection between the waning warmth and form of analog processes and the speed and increasing flexibility of digital. My process neither rejects nor prefers digital or analog, but instead simultaneously explores a time where, photography is so pervasive and so many technologies overlap while reminding us of the value of the tangible form, things dusty, old, and slow. My current work, a body of experimental large format analog photographic works created with a recently discontinued "Polaroid" format, seamlessly fuses image fragments into visually flummoxing "truths", construct representations of enigmatic spaces and forms that compress and invert idea, image, and object. These 4x5 instant film prints are unique, multi-exposure proofs created through a process of hand-cutting and registering a series of light blocking stencils that are selectively and sequentially used during each exposure of the film. The photographs revealed through this process become a blueprint for the creation of sculptures that are reverse engineered objects born out of the "polaroids"—reifying the cycles, grey areas, and nuances of invention and production.


Corey has exhibited nationally,internationally and widely throughout Texas, his home state. He was one of three artists selected to participate in the Great Rivers Biennial in 2008 at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, and is a recipient of the Gateway Foundation Grant. His work has been included in the traveling exhibition New American Talent 23, the Texas Biennial (2007), and has recently shown internationally in exhibitions entitled Le Souvenir, Weimar, Germany; Seven Days Brunch, Basel, Switzerland; and Decollecting, Dunkerque, France.