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David Bernabo

Miller Gallery at CMU


The listening room presents four 7" lathe cut records, locally cut by Future Oak Records, that collect experiments in voice and field recordings from a range of sources. The selections culminate to form a unique environment that position familiarity of sound and word against altered contexts and manipulation of source material. Choreographer Maree ReMalia revisits the frantic, metaphysical dialogue from the dance piece, slants/take away the mountain in which a specific reality is uncertain. An outtake from filmmaker/musician Julie Sokolow's Aspie Seeks Love film details an interviewee's adjustment from Germany to Pittsburgh and the complications of relationships, sexism, and living in new locations. Former Pittsburgh transplant and composer Nathan Hall uses samples of birds and waves to fuse an odd and enchanting techno workout. The collection is also available in a limited edition run of 4 copies.

Without proper critique a creative community's potential can be slowed. There is evidence of this in Pittsburgh's music and art scenes since the scope of local writing often precludes criticism and, instead, relies on synopsis or press release copy and paste. The current function of local arts writing is to inform an audience about an event. To compete with the wealth of events that happen in this city, institutions and presenters often go out of their way to engage an audience, using Q&As, workshops, dinners, etc. The "Question and Answer" session is an easy addition, in theory, to a performance program or art exhibit. Building a useful workshop is a bit more challenging. Despite these attempts, I can't help but think that a trusted critic and/or analysis of longterm local trends would more thoroughly engage and excite an audience for an event, an artist, or a new, emerging style. That is a rather serious discussion. The piece has fun with the function of the "Question and Answer" session and its intended use for clarifying the purpose of a performance, an action, or an object.


David Bernabo purposely divides his time between music, art, dance, video work, and health insurance management. David currently performs and composes for the band/art ensemble Host Skull, dances with Maree ReMalia | merrygogo and MODULES, and is preparing work for a duo show with Blaine Siegel at SPACE Gallery in 2016. He recently finished his first feature-length documentary, Ongoing Box, which documents the role of process through various artistic forms and trades. Upcoming projects include a new documentary on the history of Pittsburgh restaurants, the score for a new Mark C. Thompson movement theater piece, new albums from Host Skull, and a series of circuit-based lathe cut records, made in collaboration with Lin Clark. David also co-curates the Lightlab Performance Series with choreographer Taylor Knight. Aided by a rich network of collaborators, David is interested in exploring the documentation of process, harmonic challenges, burdened movement, jazz-rock and fusion, and magic from a distance.