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Eli Blasko

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts


My work often starts out with modest intentions. A simple concept, an object, a vision of a space, or even an intuitive feeling is all the impetus I need to initiate a work. From there, the act of making becomes a reactive and evolving endeavor as I playfully search for a balance between concept and personal aesthetic. I see my pieces as maps of this process, taking psychological phenomena such as cognition, learning, uncertainty, and intuition and exploring how they become vehicles of interaction with the physical world.  My piece created for the Pittsburgh Biennial is a reconceptualization of a work from 2012 entitled, Architectural Model of a Mind in Thought. Treating the original sculpture as a matrix, I have restructured the layout and fused it with elements created largely on site that run throughout the work. This new piece reflects the way in which new ideologies may grow from and overlap previous modes of thought while maintaining the piece’s inceptive commentary on the interplay of interior/exterior that continues to fascinate me when trying to make the psychological manifest in a concrete reality.


Originally from Stoneboro, Pennsylvania, Eli Blasko holds a BFA from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. He has also studied Intermedia at The Academy of Fine Art & Design in Bratislava, Slovakia as well as Traditional Blacksmithing at Touchstone Center for Crafts in Farmington, PA. He is a nationally and internationally exhibiting artist/lecturer, most recently showing and speaking about his work at The Sculpture X Conference hosted by The Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, OH. In the past two years he has completed residencies in Paducah, Kentucky with the Paducah Arts Alliance and in Spartanburg, South Carolina with Hub-Bub.