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Gavin Benjamin

Miller Gallery at CMU


Gavin Benjamin is a multi-faceted artist with backgrounds in commercial photography, painting, audio works, printmaking, interior design, and product design and creating theatre sets and backdrops. Born in South America, Gavin received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and was drawn to experiment with many mediums, but particularly to photography. Born in 1971, Georgetown, Guyana, Gavin Benjamin currently lives and works in Lawrenceville, PA.



American Landscapes: A New Eden examines the relationship between man, the animal and nature. This body of work is a mash up paying homage to Andrew Wyeth, the old masters, Hudson River School, pop culture and the keepers of the cabinets of curiosities. The back ground for this series is Westchester PA, which unfolds as a very lush and cinematic fantasy in rural setting playing with lightness and darkness against each other with style and a muted color palette of to evoke a setting of the American Landscape.