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Jason Forck

Pittsburgh Glass Center


Since childhood, I have been continually surrounded by art making materials.  Among these materials, books in general and sketchbooks in particular play an important role in my creative process.  At any given time I have at least five different notebooks or notepads, which I consider to be sketchbooks.  Given the importance of these objects and what they contain, my newest works are direct interpretations of sketches. The works in this group recall fundamental sketches from my undergraduate two-dimensional perspective drawing classes.  The line quality is what I was most intrigued by in these early drawings. The simple forms of these glass sculptures are reminiscent of the types of shapes that are used to explore value study and contour line in a drawing class.


Jason Forck grew up on a small farm in Kansas before receiving a BFA in glass from Emporia State University in 2005.  Immediately following he became a tech apprentice at the Pittsburgh Glass Center. Jason currently works as Youth Education Coordinator at the Pittsburgh Glass Center. He has exhibited in Kansas City, MO, Columbus, OH, Louisville, KY, Muskegon, MI, Chautauqua, NY, and Pittsburgh, PA. His work reflects his interest in nature and the culture, politics, and ideas of contemporary society. He has been selected for artist in residence at University of Wisconsin, Stephen's Point, Ohio State University and Jacksonville University.