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Jessica Langley

Miller Gallery at CMU


Jessica Langley's stop-motion animation collages, “Flat Screens I-III,” depict three seasonal wreaths which have been reanimated, as if blown by a breeze, and they are projected onto poured glass puddles. The wreath is an ancient symbol of an entrance to a spiritual realm. Within the central area of each wreath is a digital screen saver depicting a Romantic sky, each one becoming progressively more celestial and less representational. The looping skies cycle through, on an endless loop of the "sublime."


Jessica Langley is an artist whose work draws from idealized nature photography and cultural symbols of the sublime, abstracting and obscuring images through a variety of processes and approaches resulting in painting, collage, and animation. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, earned her MFA from Virginia Common wealth University in 2008, and was awarded a J. William Fulbright Grant for research in Iceland from 2008-2009. She currently lives and works in Queens, NY and is co-founder of Ortegay Gasset Projects, a collaborative, cross- country, artist-run-space in Queens.