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Juliet Pusateri

Pittsburgh Glass Center


For the works in this exhibition, I am looking at the way that the presentation of objects affects our perception of those objects. In the egg, the pearl, and the pea, I am thinking about these objects formally as similar forms, or repeating circles, that are organized in a particular way. Symbolically, each object might have different associations for each viewer, but, in addition to personal, individual associations, the objects might be plucked from different stories, folktales, or fairytales, and re-organized or re-presented. The glass goblet in the museum piece installation becomes an "artifact" and the museum-like grouping creates multiple fictions or a fictional history.


Juliet Pusateri is an artist and educator who lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA. She received her BHA in art & creative writing from Carnegie Mellon University. She is the program coordinator and lead educator for children’s and family programs at C arnegie Museum of Art. Juliet is a teaching artist and co-author of Art Chat, a weekly column in the Union Hall Times.