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Kate Hansen

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

Work Statement coming soon.


Kate Hansen is a multidisciplinary artist, b. 1982, graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2005, Carnegie Mellon University 2010. 


Captivity Narratives: False Prophets is the second in a series that references the literary genre of the ‘captivity narrative’. This literary genre was so titled as early American settlers were kidnapped by Native Americans as prisoners of war during early settlement struggles.  Upon their release these captives, often with a religious base, would write their story in a 'captivity narrative', implying that they were kidnapped by ‘savages’ yet were ‘freed by the grace of God’. There were romantic undertones of good versus evil, with themes of redemption.

This iteration of the series, False Prophets, explores a modern-day reenactment of crimes precipitated by modern man for purposes implied by the sensentialized ‘captivity narrative’ of founding American settlers.  The stories of captivity permeate, although the rationalization of these stories and real life-crimes is based in perpetrators that have impacted the lives of women through their own perceived righteousness. False Prophets examines instances where the antagonist adamantly believes that he is facilitating the work of a higher power, or in some cases has become a god himself.