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Margaret Spacapan

Pittsburgh Glass Center


Margaret grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. As a girl, she kept her hands busy making “things” which she thought were masterpieces– from popsicle sticks, grass, and Elmer’s glue. She attended Tulane University in New Orleans, where she first got to play with glass on the end of a blowpipe, and soon after she knew it would become her career. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Glass Sculpture and Printmaking, and began work as a Studio Tech Apprentice at the Pittsburgh Glass Center. She now continues to work full time as Outreach Assistant at the Pittsburgh Glass Center. Though her career is young, Margaret was recently featured in the 2013 Glass Art Society International Student Online Exhibition, group exhibitions at Neusole Glassworks and Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery, and was included in the Preliminary Assessment Stanislav Libenský Award 2013.


My current body of work explores the formal, geometric, and spatial relationships of industrial objects or architectural elements. I separate strictly functional objects from their intended use and tran slate them into glass as a way of divorcing them from their intended function and to view them in a purely aesthetic way. Industrial objects may be cold, and even sterile: however, by creating interactions within an environment through repetition, or changing the scale or the material it is made from, allows the formal elements of the original to take precedence. Using hot cast glass, blown glass, and kilnformed glass, I have begun exploring ways in which to transform an object; to render a new mass, a new volume, and to redefine a space.