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Paul Rosenblatt



Paul Rosenblatt’s interactive installation is composed of about 15,000 well played records, turntables, amps, speakers, computers, an related artifacts. Visitors to the exhibition, whether in person or online, are invited to dig into Paul’s crates, physically or virtually, and spin some tunes. Records rotate. The records in this installation re-present recordings of live and electronic performances that were manufactured, marketed, sold, collected, and (well) played before Paul collected them again. This installation represents another rotation. What will happen to the collection when the show closes? Stay tuned.


Ever since double majoring in art and architecture at Yale, where he also received his master’s degree in architecture, Paul Rosenblatt has straddled the line connecting/separating these two fields. His architectural practice, Springboard Design, envisions innovative museums, exhibitions, workplaces, and homes. Recent architectural projects include the National Aviary, Carnegie Mellon University’s Tartan’s Pavilion, the Teenie Harris Exhibition at the Carnegie Museum of Art, and Creator Square Johnstown. His artistic practice focuses on memory and the mundane, elevating the everyday through multimedia installations, paintings, and sculpture. Paul’s work has been included in such places as the 2003 Pittsburgh Biennial, National Academy of Art, and in single artist installations at the Erie Art Museum, Lafayette College, West Virginia University’s Mesaros Galleries, and the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. A New York City native, Paul has called Pittsburgh home for more than 25 years.