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Ryan Lammie

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts


Ryan Lammie’s Stage series, a three piece collection of silver coated objects, is meant to be seen as a transition from his most recent series’ “Origins” and “Gravity". A combine of traditional intentions and new performative observations. The three pieces all rely on a misinterpreted structure; the painting crate becomes the painting, the 1960’s valet chair (an object of pure utility) is elevated to “art” object, and the soapbox preserves the role of the preacher, void of content. The dialog created between these objects, should be interpreted as a portrait of their creator, user, and assembler. 


Ryan Lammie is a Pittsburgh native that has recently moved back to Pittsburgh from Brooklyn, NY, where he studied painting at Pratt Institute. During his time at Pratt, Ryan coordinated the largest student-run exhibitiion in Pratt History and attended the Yale Norfolk Residency Program. The last three years he has been in Pittsburgh, working on two series titled "Origins" and "Gravity". He will be starting on a third series not yet titled which will focus on site specific installation and photography.