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Toby Fraley

Pittsburgh Glass Center


While not always the case, generally I don’t have any lofty ideals or messages I want to convey when I make a piece of art. I’m more interested in the processes that must be gone through to get to that finished piece. For example picnic jugs were not designed to securely attach to vacuum cleaner hoses in a sturdy yet also pleasing manner. That is the challenge I enjoy. The problem solving aspect and satisfaction of making something out of nothing are the biggest factors in my works. To take raw materials that are worth little to nothing and manipulate them into something that people appreciate is the basis behind what I do.


Toby Atticus Fraley is a sculptor, painter and installation artist living near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he maintains a studio as a full time artist. His work consists mainly of mixed media sculpture (built from recycled vintage materials) and Americana themed oil paintings. Tobyʼs work is held in public, private, corporate and university collections. Publicly his pieces can be seen at the Childrenʼs Hospital of Pittsburgh, Washington & Jefferson College and at various temporary public installations around the country. This summer a new bike rack design titled “Contrails” will be installed in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District, his first permanent outdoor installation. Corporate and private collections that hold pieces include Google in California, Steng Lighting in Germany, Carmeusa in Pittsburgh along with two Grammy award award winning musicians based in Chicago and Seattle. Tobyʼs most recent installation, “Robot Repair” received the Mayor’s Award for Public Art in 2013.