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Vanessa German

Pittsburgh Glass Center


As far as my public art projects are concerned, for me public art is about fascination and approachability. I want to make a piece that is just as thought provoking and interesting to a grade school student, a steelworker or a bank teller. Making pieces that persuade the passerby to stop, if only for a moment, and let their mind wander is my goal. Whether the reason they stop is because they appreciate the piece on an artistic level or the piece simply catches them off guard, I'm just as pleased. Just getting someone to think for a moment and taking them out of their daily grind really drives what I do. Opening the eyes of those not normally interested in the arts is an added benefit that I hope many of the viewers of my work take away with them. Watching the public interact with my works has been almost as enjoyable as the act of producing them.


Vanessa German is a multidisciplinary art marker born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is a largely self taught and mother taught artist; making and creating being integral to her raising up. Vanessa is a poet, performer, photographer, sculptor and maker of the spaces which contain them.